Issue 21 | October 2013

  • Arşiv

  • Emancipation and Equality: A Critical Genealogy

    Joan W. Scott - October•13

    In this article, Joan W. Scott analyzes the discourse of “emancipation”, how Muslims as the nascent “other” of the West are situated in this discourse and perceptions of equality and freedom accompanying this discourse. The article reveals how the Western civilization constructs itself as the “universal” and requires its others “to get rid of/to be saved from” its differences in order to be included in. By portraying Muslim women as “sexually suppressed” and Western women as “sexually liberated”, Western perception situates women in a binary opposition. In this conception sexual freedom appears as the sole criteria for emancipation. Pointing out the inequalities concealed by the idea of sexual freedom that is instrumentalized by the discourse of emancipation, Scott looks into the ways this sexuality discourse is situated in the market and power relations. 

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